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秋天多吃蔬菜 食堂承包
发布者:兴久餐饮  时间:2020-09-08



Lotus is a treasure, autumn lotus root is the most complementary. After the beginning of autumn, the air is dry, and people are easy to get upset. Lotus root appetizer, clear heat, moisten dryness to quench thirst, clear heart and calm mind. It is rich in vitamin B1, which helps to relieve fatigue, promote metabolism and digestion, and is rich in trace elements such as iron and calcium, plant protein, vitamins and starch. It has obvious effect of benefiting blood and Qi and enhancing human immunity. The edible method of lotus root is suitable for both raw and cooked. Eaten raw as fruit, it tastes sweet and cool into the lung; steamed with glutinous rice and honey, it is pink and transparent, soft and glutinous, which is a delicious autumn dish; and the stewed pork ribs soup can invigorate the spleen and appetizer, with rich nutrition, which is suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. However, people with cold constitution should not eat it.


2. Mushroom: champion of potassium supplement

2蘑菇:补钾冠军 Known as "mountain treasure", mushroom is rich in minerals, especially potassium. The contents of potassium in common mushrooms were 1655 mg / 100 g, 312 mg / 100 g and 307 mg / 100 g, respectively. Potassium can prevent stroke, and help normal muscle contraction, reduce blood pressure. In addition, mushrooms taste tender and delicate, rich in dietary fiber. Mushrooms can be eaten in various ways, such as stir frying, soup making and stuffing.


 3 333大白菜:补钙冠军  

Chinese cabbage is rich in minerals in vegetables, especially calcium, as high as 90 mg / 100 g, nearly twice as high as Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage also contains a lot of mineral elements and vitamin K which are helpful to calcium absorption. In addition, Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin B1, B6, pantothenic acid, etc., which has the function of relieving mental tension. Eating more helps to maintain a calm mind. Pakchoi is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, potassium, selenium, etc., which is conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, reducing the risk of cancer, and can dredge the intestines and stomach, promote intestinal peristalsis, and maintain smooth stool. Chinese cabbage can't be eaten raw. When making dishes with it, the time of frying and boiling should not be too long, so as to avoid the loss of nutrition.

大白菜在蔬菜中含有丰富的矿物质,尤其是钙,高达90mg/100g,几乎是大白菜的两倍。大白菜中还含有大量有助于钙吸收的矿物质元素和维生素K。此外,大白菜富含维生素B1、B6、泛酸等,具有缓解精神紧张的作用。多吃有助于保持冷静。小白菜富含维生素A、维生素C、维生素B、钾、硒等,有利于预防心血管疾病,降低患癌风险,并能疏通肠胃,促进肠道蠕动,保持大便通畅。大白菜不能生吃。用它做菜时,煎煮时间不宜过长,以免营养流失。 4. Broccoli: champion of carotene


As a recognized star vegetable, its nutrient content is not only high, but also very comprehensive, especially the content of carotene is far ahead, up to 7210 micrograms per 100 grams. When carotene enters the body, it can not only be converted into vitamin A, protect eyes and eyes, but also has antioxidant effect, which is of great significance in preventing cardiovascular diseases, tumors, delaying aging and preventing cancer. In addition, the contents of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese in broccoli are very rich, which is much higher than that of Brassica campestris. Moreover, the content of vitamin C in tomato was nearly three times higher than that in tomato. Studies have shown that broccoli steamed in water for 5 minutes before eating, anti-cancer effect is the best.



In addition to magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals, spinach is also rich in folic acid, the most important function of folic acid is to produce red and white blood cells, enhance immunity. And it is also an important nutrient to prevent birth defects. Moreover, spinach is also one of the best sources of lutein, which is very effective in preventing "macular degeneration" caused by aging eyes. Because the folic acid contained in spinach is a water-soluble vitamin, which is unstable to heat and light, it is better to buy and eat spinach now, and the storage time should not exceed 2 days. In addition, to steam, stir fry, a small amount of water to cook, to avoid cooking too long, too rotten, loss of nutrition.


6. Grape: champion of antioxidant



The nutrition of grape is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value. The sugar content of grape in ripe berry is as high as 10% - 30%, mainly glucose. Grape in a variety of fruit acids help digestion, eat more grapes, can health and stomach. Grapes contain minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and P, as well as a variety of amino acids needed by the human body. Eating grapes often is beneficial to neurasthenia and fatigue. Moreover, resveratrol contained in grape is a kind of strong antioxidant, which can resist aging and scavenge free radicals in the body. It has positive preventive and therapeutic effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Need to remind is, grape cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold should not eat more.




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